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French Department :
38 - Isère

Please, visit this tower with

the magic music of Mozart


The Tower :
Situation :

   The small village of Laval is located at 30km on North-Est of Grenoble and at 5km on the South of Brignoud. (Where is this tower ?).


Description  :

   I imagine you think : "Why the French-Knight give us an article of a small tower not important ?".

    My response is : "This tower is perhaps the oldest medieval  construction in province of Dauphinée. you must know this incredible tower !"

Name of this tower

  This construction has 3 names in all books :

       1 - Monfollet,

       2 - Montfalet,

       3 - Montfallet........... That is this name i prefer



      On the small parking at the bottom of Laval, i can see the tower on the hill. After 10 minutes of trekking, i am in front of the "marvelous" medieval construction. It is a square tower made with primitive ashlars. I imagine there is a wooden wall walk around.
       It is a good position to built a watchtower.
  On the South, it is possible to see the path thought the Alpine mountain ( A old iron mine is marked on my map).
  On the West, the tower see the big city Grenoble, where the "prince "of Dauphinée (the true name is Dauphin) has lived sometimes.
  On the east side, it possible to spy the old enemies : The Savoy men. And also  look at the river named "Isère" where some boats can be.
    Why is it an old tower ?
1- Because it is a square form.
2- And it has a small arrow-loop.
3- And no battlement or machicolation.

   One side has 3 holes. This on the bottom is not a medieval door. It was created to transform this tower to a cellar. It the moment to see inside


   This tower is not a residence. There are no comfort, no fireplace.

History of castle :
  1. At the 11th century, a place is named: Assemble Folletis.
  2. At the 12th century, a Montfalet family is quoted in a text. 
  3. At the 21st century, the visit is free and free. The risk to receive a stone is weak, but do not forget, it is a ruined tower.


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These views are incredible!! This is the one I was drawn to look at. The american classic song, "All Along the Watchtower" comes to mind! Beautiful! kate in tennessee, usa
<br /> Thank you princess Kate.  If you want to see a lot of incredible pictures of ruined castles, you 'll stay few mounth. I have visited (and make picture of course) 2000 medieval castles<br /> in France and 500 castles in Europe....Some of them are broken but they are so beautifull.<br /> <br /> <br />