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March 15 2012 5 15 /03 /March /2012 07:30
French Department :
08 - Ardennes

Please, visit this church with the

slow adagio for violin


The Fortified Church :

     The symbol of medieval fortification is the castle, but some little towns have not the chance to be protect by a strong castle. One of the solution is to built a forified church.
  Here is a exemple of this kind of fortification.

Situation :

   The small town of Nouvion sur Meuse is located  between Sedan and Charlevilles Mézière. (Where is this church ?).


Description of the church :

   As like the other churches in France, this construction is near the downtown. My special dictionary of fortifications has a little text to explain this church, but i am surprised that it seems to be "normal".

    The bell-tower has certainly to be used as turn to see ennemies, but no fortification is front of me.

    It is while approaching that I see a door with a small machicolation over.
I think :  "It is a minimal construction against attack" ... ans suddenly, i see an other machicolation.

     On the back, there is a surprise. This small building is like a little tower (a refuge ?). The angle is made with some big ashlars and built with quality. Have you seen the different stone between wall and angle ?

     My "medieval eyes of knight"   have remarked a lot of holes on the wall. It is for medieval guns. I imagine there were built on 15th century.
  It is really a beautiful construction of defensive hole.

   After 30 minutes to look this church i think : "All feudal constructions are often interesting !"


History of castle :
  1. At the 15th century (?), with plundering and the insecurity, the church is built to protect the villagers.
  2. In 1972, the church is registered in french database of Historic Buildings.
  3. At the 21st century, the discovery of outside is free. The visit of inside is authorized except when there is  the religious office, but the tower is not worth visiting..



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Wow, the photographs taken from inside looking outside are beautiful!
<br /> <br /> When the subject is wonderfull, it is easy to make picture. ;)<br /> <br /> <br /> <br />
Hope all is well. I am sorry I haven't visited in a while. I've been busy with my own blog.
<br /> I'm a Chinese girl writing a story of a knight and your articles might be helpful. I'm glad that I have found your blog.<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Thank you for your visit. Until Kune,<br />     I write articles to show where are the castles on map.<br />   But after, I will write articles to describe all ruines medieval castles. I love ruined fortifications, then, I will never show on my blog a castke builted after 1462. ;)<br /> <br /> <br />